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Frequently Asked Question

What if i don’t have a Professional Script?2018-05-25T15:32:55+00:00

Don’t worry! Our team of professionals will provide a brilliant and original script which put a smile on your face :). All you need to do is order an extra gig for script writing.

Do you produce videos longer than 1 minute?2018-05-25T16:29:54+00:00

Yes! we do!,  For example if you need 2-minute Animation, just double the price for the package you prefer, etc. Just send us your final script, and we will quote you a price and timeline.

Do you provide other languages besides English?2018-05-25T15:32:55+00:00

Yes, we work with voice over artists from all over the world so we can provide a wide range of languages and accents. we work with Spanish, Russian, German and French voiceover artists. Please see this Document to understand the process

Do you provide storyboard?2018-05-25T15:32:55+00:00
Yes, we provide storyboard with unlimited revision!

Creating a storyboard takes little time and energy, but the results can be clearly seen in the finished product.  Sloppy editing, distracting background action, bland visuals, and even bad acting can all be the result of failing to draw a storyboard.


Can I make changes after you have delivered my video?2018-05-25T15:26:17+00:00

The video we create will be created once you have given approval to the storyboard and script we provide. This is your final opportunity to request design or VO changes. The only exception to this rule is if we make a mistake or oversight —a rare occurrence— We will immediately fix this for you. Please note if the animation already produced only minor changes allowed.

I already have a script and/or VO track, can I get a discount?2018-05-25T15:02:26+00:00

Unfortunately, We do not offer a discount for providing materials at this time. Integrating VO tracks and scripts into a video is a time-consuming process which requires intense attention to detail and an expert’s skillful eye for a premium end result without “cutting corners”.

What are source files, file formats and deliverables?2018-05-25T14:59:39+00:00

What you get on final delivery is Video with Full HD format (1920×1080), Mp3 of the voice over. and background music (if you need this).
Source files are the files you, the designer, have used to create your designs. The more well-known files include Adobe’s Animate, Adobe’s Illustrator, After effect and Premire. If you also need source file for future edit, printing, or other purpose you need to Pay extra $100

How Much It Cost?2018-05-25T15:36:03+00:00

You can review our Standard Pricing Here (Style 1) and (Style 2), but if you have special requirement, just let us know. we will quote you with special price.

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