Good news! We do not profit from any additional costs

They simply cover a cup of coffee for the animator and the administrative fees for reordering your service


Cost In USD

Add Subtitle On the Video (any language) $30 for 10 Minute Duration
Professional video script $50 For 1 Min video script (160 Word)
Render In other aspect ratio (1:1), (4:3), (16:10), (16:9),(5:3), (21:9)(2:1) $50 Per Aspect Ratio
Export Image/Vector graphic on this video animation for your website image In JPG/PNG
(3 Image)
 $30 For 3 HD image.
Export AI/SVG/EPS/GIF animation/ file of your character/icon/other assets
(1 Character/1 icon animation/Scene animation)
Modify the voice over/add a new line/change the voice-over artist (1 – 100 words) $30
Add new animation scene/ Replace with new scene/ Modify or other Major changes (up to 30 sec) $100
Premium Voiceover $50 Per 1 Minute (160 Word)
Export your video to a small size (WebM format less than 5Mb/min) $30
Update Old Logo With new Logo animation $30
Update Old Logo With new Logo animation Plus Voice over (1 – 100 words) $50
Produce Other videos with the same animation but different brand names and voices over. (1 Min ) $100
Produce Other Video Short Version (Same animation, 30 sec or less) $75
Produce Other Language version (same animation, different voice over and text on the video) $ 100/min

(*half price of original price order for
italian, japan,korean,chinesse
 because this special language
cost really expensive)
Produce Other Video Language version , But you will provide your own voice over. $50 Per minute
RAW file / Source File / Editable File $100 USD
Use Your Own character design/animate your mascot/new character design
(1 character)
4K video Resolution $50
Change/Update/ animation style with another style (Storyboard Stage) $50 Per Minute
Change/Update/ animation style with another style (Animation Production Stage) Half Price of original order Price
Upgrade animation style (Storyboard Stage) There is an additional fee of $50 beside
Upgrade price
Upgrade animation style (Animation Stage) You need to Re-Order the service again